Strawberry Quinoa Pancakes

Strawberry Quinoa Pancakes | Quinoa adds flavor and texture in these amazing healthy and delicious pancakes! | @reciperunner

Gone are the days of scooping out pancake mix, adding water, and plopping it on a griddle to cook. Ten years ago we never would have considered adding things like quinoa, chia seeds, flax meal, protein powder, or even wild rice to our pancakes. Today however, we are much more creative and looking for any way to add an extra dose of healthiness to the foods we eat. While the idea is still strange to some, I have to tell you that I have fallen in love with adding quinoa to pancakes, especially … [Continue reading...]

Skinny Lemon Cheesecake Dip

Skinny Lemon Cheesecake Dip | Lightened up lemony cheesecake dip that you won't be able to resist! | @reciperunner

Remember the time I made Skinny Chocolate Cheesecake Dip? It's been a while, but I clearly remember eating half the bowl of that creamy dessert dip. Well, I decided it was time to make another version of this lightened up cheesecake dip. This time I'm getting in the mood for spring with this Skinny Lemon Cheesecake Dip! I've been craving spring, and berries, and lemons, and sunshine, and flowers like CRAZY┬áthis past week. I've been holed up in the house almost the entire week because … [Continue reading...]

BBQ Chicken Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza | My favorite pizza loaded with BBQ chicken, pineapple, corn, and caramelized onions! | @reciperunner

Okay you guys, it’s been too long since I’ve posted a new pizza recipe and we can’t have that! Seeing that today is Pizza Friday it only makes sense that I share a new recipe for one of my favorite pizzas, BBQ Chicken Pizza! I know there are probably a hundred BBQ chicken pizzas floating […]

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Blueberry Almond Granola

Blueberry Almond Granola | Crunchy, sweet, granola bursting with dried blueberries and almonds! | @reciperunner

Well the weather here in Colorado has really gone to the pits. I think I’m sulking more this time around because we had a few weeks of incredible weather and I forgot that the end of February and March are our snowiest months. It has certainly proved true this past week. We were walloped with […]

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Post-Run Recovery Meals

Post-Run Recovery Meals | Meal ideas that are optimal for recovery after a run | @reciperunner

Last week we talked about Pre-Run Snacks and Meals and finding what works best for you. This week it only makes sense that we talk about Post-Run Recovery Meals. Making sure you refuel your body after a long run, hard workout, or race is very important. Not only will it restore your energy and help […]

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Zucchini Chips with Lemon Yogurt Dip

Zucchini Chips with Lemon Yogurt Dip | Crisp, healthy, baked zucchini chips that taste better than a bag of potato chips! | @reciperunner

Are you a sweet snacker or a salty snacker? I tend to go for sweet snacks. If it was acceptable cookies and ice cream would be my snacks all day long. Who’s with me?! Sadly if we ate that way all day every day we’d weigh about 700 pounds and could probably star in our […]

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Dirty Chai Oatmeal

Dirty Chai Oatmeal | All the flavor of a dirty chai latte in your morning oatmeal! | @reciperunner

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I have quite the addiction to cappuccinos and coffee. Every weekend after my long run I look forward to going out for my caffeine fix. You might say it’s what gets me through those long runs. On days where I don’t treat myself to […]

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Cuban Chicken and Black Bean Tacos with Pineapple Salsa

Cuban Chicken and Black Bean Tacos with Pineapple Salsa | Flavorful slow cooker chicken topped with Cuban black beans and fresh pineapple salsa! | @reciperunner

Well it isn’t taco Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t end the week eating tacos. Normally we stick to pizza Friday, but not this week! No sir! This week the husband and I will be feasting on these Cuban Chicken and Black Bean Tacos with Pineapple Salsa! These tacos you guys, where do I […]

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Lightened Up Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup

Lightened Up Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup | My favorite healthy, creamy, and delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup! | @reciperunner

There is nothing in the world more comforting to me than a bowl of chicken noodle soup. I love the way this soup warms you up on a cold day, makes you feel better when you are sick, and brings back childhood memories. Today I’m sharing the recipe I grew up on, Lightened Up Creamy […]

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Pre-Run Snack and Meal Ideas

Pre-Run Snacks and Meals | Snack and meal ideas to keep runners fueled during workouts! | @reciperunner

When it comes to trying to figure out what is the best thing to eat before you go out on your run there are several things to consider. First figure out how long you will be out running. Next, will you be doing an easy run or will you be doing a workout involving speed […]

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