No Bake Chocolate Cookies (Healthier)

Chocolate No Bake Cookies

Happy Friday everyone! Today we are talking about two things, my first week of training for the half marathon I'm doing next month, and these super delicious No Bake Chocolate Cookies! Let's start with the running and then we'll eat cookies. Training for this half marathon is slightly different than any of the others that I have trained for in the past. The reason being the course I will be running is completely downhill. The race starts at an elevation of 7,410 feet and over the course … [Continue reading...]

Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Kabobs with Cilantro Lime Rice

Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Kabobs with Cilantro Lime Rice | Recipe Runner | Chicken and Vegetable Kabobs are perfect for #grilling this #summer !

I'd just like to start by saying what a royal pain in the tookus these Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Kabobs were to make. Yeah, I know this probably isn't a good way to start things off and convince you to make them. It's really not the kabob's fault, no it's my lack of a grill's fault! I'm sure you remember me mentioning a couple of times that we are without a grill right now. Let me rephrase that, we are without a working grill right now. The grill itself is just sitting uselessly out … [Continue reading...]

Brown Butter Cherry Almond Muffins

Brown Butter Cherry Almond Muffins | Recipe Runner | The perfect muffins for fresh seasonal cherries! #brunch

Cherry season is in full swing so before it passes by I’m stuffing my face with as many of them as possible. Along with eating them by the handfuls and throwing them in salads, I also made these delicious Brown Butter Cherry Almond Muffins. I originally made these muffins a couple of weeks ago when […]

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BBQ Turkey Burgers with Chipotle Slaw

BBQ Turkey Burgers with Chipotle Slaw | Recipe Runner | Sweet and tangy turkey burgers topped with a creamy, spicy slaw! #burgers

I don’t know about you guys, but I love a good burger and these BBQ Turkey Burgers with Chipotle Slaw are one of my favorites! Growing up every Saturday night was hamburger night. Did you have any days of the week that were consistently dedicated to the same meal? I’m not sure how it happens, […]

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Spinach Artichoke Dip Pasta

Spinach Artichoke Dip Pasta | Recipe Runner | Your favorite dip in pasta form!

Normally I’d say grab your chips and get dippin, when talking about spinach and artichoke dip, but today I’m saying grab your forks and start shoveling this awesome Spinach Artichoke Dip Pasta in yo mouths!!   Before I get all crazy about how much I love this pasta recipe I have some news! No I’m […]

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Grilled Apricots with Almond Whipped Cream & Honey

Grilled Apricots with Almond Whipped Cream & Honey | Recipe Runner | Apricots grilled with honey butter topped with almond whipped cream and honey are the perfect #summer dessert!

Is it just me or is stone fruit one of the hardest types of fruit to shop for? I feel like every time I go to the store and pick out plums, peaches, or apricots they either end up being hard as rocks and sound like an apple when I eat them, sour, or the […]

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Skinny Chocolate Cheesecake Dip

Skinny Chocolate Cheesecake Dip | Recipe Runner | Creamy, chocolatey, cheesecake dip made lighter thanks to Greek yogurt! #cheesecake #dessert

It’s been so hot here the past few days! I know, I know, an Arizona native should NOT be complaining about being hot, but I am you guys! I’ve had to start working downstairs because I would start sweating at my desk upstairs. Is it just me or is it totally gross sitting in a […]

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South of the Border Chicken Casserole

South of the Border Chicken Casserole | Recipe Runner | Cheesy comforting casserole full of chicken, rice, cheese, and green chiles for a little Tex-Mex kick!

Hey guys! Today I’m sharing with you a yummy casserole I’ve been in love with ever since I was a kid, South of the Border Chicken Casserole. This casserole became a family favorite way back when my sister was in the 4-H Club. Have any of you ever heard of that or were you in […]

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Coconut Pineapple Yogurt Pops

Coconut Pineapple Yogurt Pops | Recipe Runner | Bring the tropics to your home this #summer ! Cool off with these healthy sweet treats!

So remember a couple weeks ago when I made those delicious¬†Greek Yogurt Fudgesicles and said I wouldn’t be making popsicles again for a while because of the complete mess they turned into while taking pictures?! Well me being me couldn’t let those darn popsicles get the best of me. Ever since then I’ve been determined […]

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Classic Potato Salad

Classic Potato Salad | Recipe Runner | This classic side dish is perfect for #summer barbecues!

Oh hi there, it’s me again! Yes I know it’s Thursday and you weren’t expecting me, but I wanted to share one more delicious recipe with you before the big day of food, family, fireworks, and fun, the 4th of July that is! Today I’m sharing my Grandma’s Classic Potato Salad. I’ve shared a couple […]

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