Beaver Creek, Colorado: Where to Run, Eat and Sleep

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Beaver Creek, Colorado: Where to Run, Eat and Sleep. Check out how we spent a relaxing summer weekend in the mountains! Everything from the luxury resort, a mix of decadent and casual dining, and recommendations on where to run, hike and bike!

Beaver Creek, Colorado. Where to sleep, eat and run!Last month my husband and I took our first trip to Beaver Creek, Colorado. If you’re not familiar with Beaver Creek, it’s about a two hour drive from Denver. If you live in or near Denver, it’s perfect for a weekend getaway and an escape from the summer heat. Those were the exact reasons we decided to go.

Beaver Creek, Colorado. Where to sleep, eat and run!If you’re from out of state and looking for a mountain town that isn’t as talked about or crowded like Breckenridge, Vail and Aspen can sometimes be, Beaver Creek is definitely worth checking out. Along the way you’ll pass by several of Colorado’s popular ski town; Keystone, Breckenridge, Copper Mountain and Vail. All of these towns including Beaver Creek are fairly close together so visiting multiple locations in one trip isn’t out of the question.

Being a food blogger and a runner there are two things I always look at while planning a trip, where are the best places to eat and where can I run it all off. Luckily, Beaver Creek has plenty of choices in both of these areas as well as tons of trails for hiking and biking. I promise you won’t be bored!

Where to Stay/Sleep

When it comes to deciding where to stay in Beaver Creek there are many choices. If you want to stay in the village where the bulk of the restaurants, nightlife and shopping are located then I would recommend the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa for a luxury hotel and for something a little less expensive Beaver Creek Lodge or The Osprey at Beaver Creek.

If you’re like us and want to stay somewhere a little more secluded and out of the hustle and bustle, but still have easy access to Beaver Creek Village, then I highly recommend The Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch.

Beaver Creek, Colorado. Where to sleep, eat and run!Our decision to stay here was based on a few things. First, I had heard wonderful things from family and friends who had stayed here before. I always think word of mouth is the best way to go when it comes to trying new things. Since we hadn’t gone away for the weekend in quite some time, we decided that a splurge was in order and let me tell you, it was well worth it!

Beaver Creek, Colorado. Where to sleep, eat and run!

Beaver Creek, Colorado. Where to sleep, eat and run!The second reason we chose to stay at Bachelor Gulch were all of the amenities the resort offers. There are several restaurants within the resort for those nights when you don’t want to venture into the village.

Beaver Creek, Colorado. Where to sleep, eat and run!The year-round heated pool was a welcome sight after a morning of hiking, not to mention what’s better than sipping a mimosa poolside? Tennis courts are available during the summer and in front of the ski lift there’s a large open grassy area where the resort provides a variety of lawn games that both adults and kids can enjoy. We enjoyed several games of cornhole on one of the perfect 75 degree afternoons we were there.

Beaver Creek, Colorado. Where to sleep, eat and run!In the evenings be sure to take advantage of the fire pit and roast some s’mores! Summer just isn’t complete until you’ve made and eaten at least a dozen of them.

Beaver Creek, Colorado. Where to sleep, eat and run!Bachelor Gulch also has an amazing 21,000 square foot spa and fitness center. While we didn’t have the time to enjoy the spa, we did take a tour of it and wow! It was impressive, talk about a wonderful place to relax! The spa offers men’s, women’s and co-ed grottos with steam rooms, saunas and both hot and cold plunge pools. For a fee there are numerous treatments to take advantage of.

Beaver Creek, Colorado. Where to sleep, eat and run!If spending the day at the spa isn’t your thing, Bachelor Gulch has a variety of activities for both adults and children. Everything from morning yoga among the trees and wildflowers, private hikes, picnics, cooking classes, treasure hunts for families and private fitness classes just to name a few.

There is also a complimentary daily guided hike, which we took full advantage of. We happened to luck out and be the only ones who showed up and essentially got a private guided hike. Since we are experienced hikers, our naturalist took us on a more off the beaten path trail that boasted some gorgeous views. We lucked out and saw a couple of mule deer, which being the wildlife lover that I am, thrilled the pants off of me!

Beaver Creek, Colorado. Where to sleep, eat and run!We learned so much about the area, wildlife, trees, wildflowers and the history of Bachelor Gulch from our guide/naturalist. One of the most interesting facts that I learned about the resort and truly appreciated, was that it is entirely built out of trees that were already dead or damaged, no living trees were cut down.

Where to Run/Hike/Bike

Now that you have some ideas about where to stay in Beaver Creek, it’s time to get active! If you’re a runner I’m sure you can relate to the ridiculous amount of time I spent researching the best trails, what the elevation gain was and the safest areas to get my morning runs in. Even when I’m on vacation I still need to get my miles in, not to mention that means I can eat more dessert and have that extra cocktail, right? Below are a couple choices that are perfect for runners, hikers or bikers .

If you’re looking for a mostly flat, out and back route the Village to Village Trail is a good choice. This trail is open to runners, bikers and hikers and is moderately busy depending on the time of day you go. The trail scenery is a mix of aspen trees, forest and high-end homes. Although the majority of this trail isn’t difficult, there is a section at the end that is a rather steep downhill and coming back up can be challenging especially if you aren’t accustomed to the altitude.

Beaver Creek, Colorado. Where to sleep, eat and run!If you’re looking for a trail to make your legs burn try out the Boneyard Trail to the Pool/Ice Rink. Again, this is a trail suitable for runners, mountain bikers and hikers. The length of the trail is 6 miles and the elevation gain  is about 1,600 feet with the decent being just slightly more. It’s a gradual uphill climb, but it’s sure to be a challenge!

These are just two of the many trail options available in and around Beaver Creek. For more ideas check out the Beaver Creek summer trail map. Most of the area hotels offer free shuttle services so take advantage and do some exploring.

Where to Eat

You just got in a killer workout so I bet you’re hungry now! Let’s talk about a few of the places we ate at and a few others I plan to check out the next time we’re there.

WYLD and Buffalos are the two restaurants inside Bachelor Gulch. On the day we arrived, we were starving from having missed out on lunch , but too tired to go into the village. We decided to stay at the resort that night and eat at both places…yes, both. In our defense, we only ordered a couple things off of the menu from each restaurant to share.

At WYLD we enjoyed a charcuterie board like we often do on Saturday nights, along with tuna tartar and a couple of cocktails. Everything was delicious and the staff was very friendly.

Beaver Creek, Colorado. Where to sleep, eat and run!After a quick break from the food and a walk around the resort to make room for more, we headed into Buffalos. The atmosphere here is less formal and more laid back. We sat at the bar and I’m so glad we did. The friendliest bartender was working that night and even offered to make us cocktails he had created that weren’t on the menu yet. I can’t tell you what they were now or what was in them, but I remember we were both very impressed. To go with our drinks we ordered the bacon mac and cheese bites, brisket sliders and three pea hummus with veggies and naan. I had to throw something healthy in there and I’m glad I did because the hummus was delicious! 

The second night we ventured into Beaver Creek Village and decided to go with a less expensive dinner since we splurged the night before. My husband was craving pizza and after my 10 mile run that morning, I was craving some extra carbs too. We went to Blue Moose Pizza. I can’t say it was the best pizza I’d ever eaten, but it wasn’t bad and it really hit the spot after a long day of running and hiking.

Beaver Creek, Colorado. Where to sleep, eat and run!The final stop in the village was at a cute little gelato shop called Rimini Chocolate and Gelato. We shared a scoop of the cinnamon roll gelato and took a couple of cannolis to go for a late night snack. Being the cinnamon roll lover that I am, I absolutely loved the gelato! Definitely stop in for a scoop, they have a good selection.

Beaver Creek, Colorado. Where to sleep, eat and run!A few other recommendations that we were given by the resort staff and that were recommended to us by family are:

Ticino– Get your fill of pasta, pizza and more. Highly recommended by family and friends.

Vin 48– A wine bar with fresh, seasonal food offerings. I’m hoping to try this place out on our next visit, all of the small plate options on the menu looked amazing, plus ALL the wine!

Grouse Mountain Grill– For a special occasion dinner this place was highly recommended. Everything from lamb meatballs, hand made gnocchi, steak, salmon, stuffed rabbit loin and more. A splurge for sure, but you’re on vacation!

Whether you’re in need of a relaxing weekend getaway, an escape from the heat or an outdoor adventure, Beaver Creek needs to be on your list of places to visit in Colorado.

Beaver Creek, Colorado. Where to sleep, eat and run!

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